Community Benefits Agreement

February 05, 2015

The Math and Science Building project has committed to being involved in a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) to assist local residents in entering the construction trades, and through utilization of apprenticeship programs provide training opportunities for residents.

Goals are to meet and exceed 90% labor from San Diego County and 31.5% SWCC District residents, as defined in the CBA.

This CBA is a key document for this project, prospective bidders may be required to submit confirmation of acceptance of the agreement as an element of a responsive bid.

A Project Labor Coordinator will be assisting prospective bidders with compliance to the CBA throughout the bidding, selection and construction stages of the project.

The CBA team is proactively working jointly to promptly develop and implement procedures and schedules to ensure the securing of craft workers in sufficient numbers to meet the high demands of the Project Work to be undertaken.

CBA Compliance Requirements Overview_2015-05

Please select the below link to view the full agreement:

Community Benefits Agreement