Detailed Advertisement for Bids

August 16, 2016

Design Build Bid Package (BP) Scopes:

BP 1A - HVAC (Re-Advertised 09/28/2016)

BP 1B - Plumbing (Re-Advertised 09/28/2016)

BP 1C - HVAC and Plumbing (Re-Advertised 09/28/2016)

BP 1D - Electrical

BP 2A - Fire Protection

BP 2B - Design-Build Pneumatic Tube***

BP 2C - Exterior Glass and Glazing

BP 2D - Exterior Precast

BP 2E - Exterior Metal Panels

BP 2F - Complete Exterior Skin

Design Assist Bid Package (BP) Scopes:

BP 3A - Deep Foundations

BP 3B - Structural Steel & Stairs

BP 3C - Metal Framing & Drywall

BP 3D - Foundation Concrete & Rebar (Posted solely by UCSF)

BP 3E - LINAC Vault Lead (Pending)

BP 3F - Surveying*** (Pending)

Additional BPs (Pending)

***Prequalification waived for indicated BPs