UCLA CHS NPI Seismic Correction

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Seismic correction to the eleven (11) story NPI (Neuropsychiatric Institute) tower. Seismic correction work includes structural strengthening by upgrading and expanding selected existing shear walls and their associated footings; adding 4 new shear walls in plane with the tower’s exterior walls and enlarging and strengthening adjacent existing column footings for their use. Selected additional strengthening via Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) wrapping or bolting of structural elements, plus the selective use of steel bracing and drag struts.

Fire Life Safety correction work includes code compliant upgrade of the existing vertical wet standpipe system and removal and put-back of existing fire suppression and fire alarm system elements impacted by the seismic work.

The scope of work to complete the seismic corrections and non-structural upgrades will include selective demolition, storage as necessary, replacement and repair of building systems, elements, and finishes obstructing the proposed work.

Additional work includes the abatement of hazardous materials, exterior brick and masonry repair, and code upgrades to existing door hardware, exit stairs, drinking fountains and toilet facilities.

The building will remain occupied and operational during construction and require the coordination (by CM/Contractor) and staging (by others) of occupants. All work will be sequenced and phased and much of the interior work will be performed off-hours.

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