Washington Hospital Healthcare System Phase 2 Project

WHHS PH 2 Rendering

 Rendering courtesy of the Architect of Record: The Ratcliff Architects

The overall project comprises of construction of a new three-story hospital building, with one ground floor partially above grade and two additional floors above grade, one basement floor to house a Seismic-Isolation foundation system, and a rooftop penthouse for mechanical electrical equipment.  A service passage will connect the new building to the existing Underground Service Passage at the basement level.  The new building has a footprint of approximately 61,000 square feet, a total of 224,800 gross square feet (excluding outdoor terraces and a roof garden).

WHHS encourages participation of Local Business Enterprises, Small Business Enterprises and local construction workforce.  Prevailing wage is required as provided by law, and subcontracts may be subject to a project labor agreement (PLA).  Certain project insurance will be provided through an Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP).

OCIP Safety and Health Qualification Exhibit for Review

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Fremont, CA
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The Ratcliff Architects
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